Please follow the sanitization procedure below before delivering your machines. 

  1.  Remove any parts that were in contact with a person (air masks, air hose). 

  2.  Discard any remaining water in your unit's humidifier. 

  3.  Wash your hands and wipe down all surfaces with an unscented disinfecting spray or wipes. 

  4.  Wash your hands again, and write the machine’s information (machine type, make, model) on a piece of paper. You can also print [this form].   

  5.  Place the machine and power cord in an unscented garbage bag and tie to close. Tape the paper with the machine information to the bag.

  6. Please also fill out this [GoogleForm] to help us collect information digitally. This will help us understand what types of machines are coming our way.

  7. Drop off your bag at one of the designated fire stations, making sure to maintain 6 feet between you and other individuals and follow proper hand-washing procedures before, during and after delivery.

Do not bring your machine to a collection site if you or someone in your home has been sick in the last 14 days.

*Thank you! Again, we are only accepting new and used machines that are not currently in use. Please do not donate a machine that you or somebody needs.

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*Please print AND fill out this Google Form.

If you cannot print, please write your machine’s information on a piece of paper and tape it to the outside of your donation bag, as shown in the example here.

Drop-Off Locations 

Don't have a machine, but want to support?  

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