Community Sourced Ventilators

We're collecting CPAP and BiPAP machines from the community, sanitizing, testing, and refitting them for use in hospitals. 

DO YOU HAVE AN EXTRA* CPAP or BiPAP machine in your home?  *machines can be new or used, but do not donate your machine if you are currently using it! 


# of ventilator units that will soon be needed, based on expected surge of patients - in Rhode Island alone


You Donate 

Drop off your extra sleep apnea/COPD (CPAP or BiPAP)* machines to one of our designated donation drop-off locations. *only machines that are not currently in use.  

We Process & Distribute

We will sanitize, test, document and refit the machines for hospital use.

Patients Can Breathe

Your donation will help save the lives of our neighbors here and beyond


The Ventilator Project is a group of committed volunteers of designers, technologists, and doctors who’ve come together. We appreciate your contributions.

I want to organize a CPAP Donation Drive in my community

I want to donate my CPAP or BiPAP machine in RI

I don't have a machine but want to donate money

Want to learn how this will be used in the hospital? 

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